Finance Minister Thomas Isaac Asks Employees to Voluntarily Donate a Month’s salary to the Relief Fund

Thiruvananthapuram : With the Salary Challenge, Finance Minister Thomas Isaac said that government employees and teachers should voluntarily donate a month’s salary to the Relief Fund, otherwise just like the states Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra did ,  it will have to be forcefully implemented.

When CM later clarified the situation, the chief minister replied to the media that salary control was not in the mind of the government for now. The Chief Minister said that the government had made a request for a one-month salary and received a very favorable response. The rest will be discussed later.

Minister Isaac said government revenues were down by a quarter due to the economic downturn caused by the Covid Lockdown. That’s not even enough to make a month’s pay. Forced collection is no longer intended. Donations of voluntary donations are not acceptable. Because the experience shows that most salaried people make the least amount of money. One month’s worth of pay.

Casual and part-time employees will be excluded from the challenge, as the CM has suggested. The donation is ready to be paid in 12 installments and deducted from famine arrears. The order will be finalized after consulting the organizations and inviting suggestions, he said. The March salary distribution began yesterday in a bid to clarify that the state is not ready for action like some states have cut salaries.

Salary control is not currently under consideration.

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