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Film producer Martin Sebastian who sexual abused young woman for thirteen years by promising her a chance in the film, has been arrested

Film producer Martin Sebastian has been arrested for sexually abusing a young woman by promising her a chance in the film. Martin Sebastian, a native of Ernakulam, was arrested. The police arrested him on the basis of a complaint lodged by a woman from Thrissur. According to the woman’s statement to the police, he had promised to give her a chance in the cinema and to marry her.

He had been taking her to places like Thrissur, Mumbai, and Bangalore for thirteen years and had been torturing the woman. According to the woman’s complaint, apart from the torture, Martin Sebastian stole 78 lakh rupees and 80 pavan gold jewellery from the woman. The accused had obtained anticipatory bail after realizing that the woman would file a complaint.

The court granted anticipatory bail to Martin last week but ordered him to appear before the investigating officers. Following this, Martin appeared for questioning in the last two days. The suspect was arrested after interrogation yesterday.

Martin Sebastian is a controversial figure regarding the goat-teak-mangium scam that happened during 1986-1992 in Kerala. Many ordinary people were cheated and lost their money in that scam. From that point onward, he changed his name to CS Martin and become active in film production

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