Expatriate re-entry permit to Qatar can be applied from tomorrow

Doha: Qatar expatriates can apply for an exceptional re-entry permit from the Interior Ministry to return to Doha from tomorrow. Upon receipt of the permit, people will be able to return to Doha as per the lifting of the entry ban on foreign flights by India. Those whose Qatari ID has expired can also return with a re-entry permit. No need to worry about the return as an expatriate as organizations and travel agencies will charter flights from Kerala to Qatar in case of delay in the resumption of Indian flights.

Four chartered flights of Magic Tours, a travel agency based in Doha, will arrive in Doha in the coming weeks. In Kerala, the chartered flight from Kochi will be on August 8. Other chartered flights to Qatar come from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai, according to Magic Tours officials.

Link to apply for a re-entry permit. https://portal.www.gov.qa/wps/portal/qsports/home.

Those in India can call +974 44069999 to know the details of the permit.

Upon receipt of the re-entry permit, you must arrive in Doha and stay in the hotel quarantine for 7 days. If you have Qatari-19 checkpoints approved by Qatar, check-in there within 48 hours of the trip, and if you have a COVID negative certificate, you will need to stay in Doha for 7 days at home quarantine. In India, however, the hotel quarantine is limited to 7 days, as Qatar has not yet announced approved COVID checkpoints. However, the quarantine has allowed certain groups of people over the age of 55, including those with chronic illnesses, to stay at home. You can find out which categories are licensed by visiting the Ministry of Public Health’s website at