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Esther Anil appears as though a fantasy in her pink skirt and harvest top

With her honest face and adorable grin, Esther Anil is a sweetheart for all. The youngster artiste label at last left her with her character Maya from Olu film, enticing in the time of adult jobs. The youthful on-screen character’s web based life following is by all accounts scaling new pinnacles each week with wonderful snaps of her ongoing photoshoots and real minutes with companions.

As of late, the youthful girl posted an image of her in which she appears as though a fantasy in a child pink hued planner skirt and a croptop. According to the image, Esther displays her impeccable excellence went with her million-dollar grin.

Esther rose to distinction through her film, Drishyam acting close by entertainer Mohanlal. Her character as the most youthful little girl of Mohanlal’s job was very much acclaimed.

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