ED started preliminary inquiry in the Kodakara black money case involved which BJP leaders

Thiruvananthapuram: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has started a preliminary investigation in the Kodakara black money case. The ED probe was launched after the High Court sought a report on the case. FIR filed by police The investigation details of the ED case in which the information was collected were also examined. The main thing is to check whether the case falls within their purview.

ED had earlier received a complaint regarding the case but they did not proceed to other proceedings. The ED was of the view that this was a case falling under the purview of the Income Tax Department and not within their purview. However, the petition went to the High Court seeking an inquiry into the case. The court hearing the petition had sought a report from the ED. The ED had asked for a ten-day delay in the matter.

It is at this stage that the preliminary investigation in this regard is conducted by E.D. Initiated. E.D. The FIR of the case has been collected from the police. The details of what has happened so far in connection with the investigation are also being examined. The ED examines whether the case falls within their purview in the event of a report to the court.

The Kodakara money laundering case against BJP leaders has raised questions from various quarters as to why the ED is not investigating. The ED was of the opinion that it did not fall within the scope of their investigation. The petition was filed in the high court seeking an ED inquiry following widespread criticism in the matter.