Scene 2 Jithu Joseph reveals a scene in Telugu which was not in Malayalam

Drishyam 2 Telugu Jithu Joseph reveals a scene which was not in Malayalam

Drishyam was a film that became a milestone in Malayalam cinema. The scene was released in 2013. The film was directed by Jeethu Joseph. The second part of the movie was recently released. The name of the movie was Drishyam 2. The linemen of the first part were the same as in the second part. The film was a huge success. The film is currently being remade in other languages.

The Telugu version of the film is being prepared first. It is directed by Jeethu Joseph himself. The shooting is almost over. Post-production work is currently underway. Venkatesh himself plays the lead role in this film too. Meena is the heroine. Esther Anil is also in the picture. Nadiyamoythu plays another important role. It is rumored that the film is likely to be released on Amazon.

Now, director Jeethu Joseph himself has made a revelation about the film. Jeethu Joseph says that there will be a scene in Telugu scene two which was not in Malayalam scene two. The director says that it was an extraordinary scene but was later omitted when it seemed that it would not fit in with the character of George Kutty. But now that I think about it, I don’t think it should have been avoided, says Jeethu Joseph.

Anjali plays a major role in scene two. There is a husband in the film who is constantly harassing Anjali. In fact, George Kutty went directly to the station to report the character to the police station. But what is shown in the movie is that someone is complaining in the form of a phone call. When George goes to file a complaint, George stands on top of Varun’s grave. But later this scene was omitted.

Audiences alike say that this was an outrageous scene and that they do not understand why it was omitted from the film. But there are reports that this scene will be in the Telugu version. The film was initially rumored to be a theatrical release, but reports have it that it may be released later as an Amazon Prime release. But now there is a situation where theaters are opening in Andhra Pradesh. So sometimes fans are hoping that the film will hit theaters.