Do you remember Sooraj Menon from the movie Notebook?  Do you know where Suraj is now?

Do you remember Sooraj Menon from the movie Notebook? Do you know where Suraj is now?

Notebook was a film directed by Roshan Andrews. Udayan was the first film to star Mohanlal and Sreenivasan in the lead roles. Despite making the first film with such a large cast, Roshan Andrews chose a few newcomers for the second film. It was through this that the stars including Roma and Parvati came to the cinema. But the hero and heroine of the film did not do much in Malayalam cinema later. Maria Roy and Skanda Ashok played the lead roles in the film.

The notebook told the child the story of students at a boarding school. Notebook cinema can be described as one of the first new generation movies in Malayalam. Suraj Menon played the role of Skanda Ashok. It was a character that captured a lot of audience and critical acclaim. Skanda won both the Asianet Film Award for Best Newcomer and the Filmfare Award. He later starred in Jayasurya’s Positive. But this film did not get much attention. After not getting good characters from Malayalam, the actor returned to his native language Kannada cinema. Meanwhile, the actress had also appeared in the movie Electra starring Nayanthara in the lead role.

But lotteries were waiting for the star in the spectacle movie. The actor has acted in several movies in a row. All this turned out to be a super hit. But real luck was not there. It was in the field of television that the star was most accepted. Skanda arrived as a presenter on several television shows. Skanda Ashok is now one of the leading serial actors in Kannada. Therefore, the actress has a lot of female fans.

Shikha Prasad is the wife of the actor. The couple got married in 2018. They both have a daughter. The couple got married on May 31, 2018 after years of love. It was one of the most celebrated weddings in the Kannada film world. This was reported with great importance in the Kerala media as well. The actress shared her daughter’s picture with her fans for the first time last Diwali. It was taken over by the audience in a big way.

He also acted as a hero in the movie Charulatha starring Priyamani in the lead role. The film was later remade in Malayalam as Gitanjali. Her performance in the Kannada serial Radha Ramana was highly acclaimed. Not only critical acclaim but also numerous awards for the star’s performance in this serial.