Do you know how many crores Samantha bought to play this character in the web series Familyman 2?

Do you know how many crores Samantha got to play this character in the web series Family Man 2?

Familyman 2 is the sequel to the super hit web series Family Man 2, which has been well-received across India. Manoj Vajpayee plays the lead role in this. Priyamani will be the heroine in the film. The first season was released two years ago. Neeraj Madhav and others played the lead roles.

Familyman Season 2 was released a week ago. The series was released on Amazon. The series is getting very good reviews. Samantha plays the role of Raji. Samantha appears as a character with a negative shade. Samantha plays a Tamil tiger. Samantha’s performance is getting a very good response.

Although Samantha plays the villain, they never show the politics that Samantha represents in a negative shade. Samantha’s character is portrayed as a freedom fighter. Raji is a character who has experienced a lot of hardships in his life. Hence the way they decided to fight for their freedom. The resignation is an armed struggle. All the organizational scenes are very well prepared. Samantha excels in all of this.

Now the discussion on social media is heating up about how much salary Samantha was paid for this series. It is learned that Samantha has charged Rs 3 to 4 crore from the producers to play the character. Samantha’s regular salary is between Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 2 crore. Samantha earns her salary for Tamil and Telugu films. That is why this time Samantha got double her normal salary. Manufacturers can never say it is a loss. Because Samantha put out a career best performance for this role. It has been reported that Manoj Vajpayee, who played the lead role, has a salary of Rs 10 crore. Priyamani, who played the lead role, got Rs 80 lakh.