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Do not provoke wild animals; They will respond with a vengeance – Forest Minister

Forest Minister AK Saseendran reacted to the incident where pellets were found in the body of Katana PT7 in Dhoni. The minister said that if wild animals are provoked, they will retaliate. The minister assured that strict action will be taken against the officials if they do not pick up the phone, no matter who calls for help.

The important thing is not to provoke wild animals, be it an elephant or a tiger. If provoked, they will react with vengeance. It is said that all farmers should withdraw from such efforts. PT7 is still under strict observation by doctors. All kinds of care are given to the elephant. Trying to get back to full health.

A meeting of officials has been held and it has been suggested that whoever calls should pick up the phone. Not only the range officers, but also the chiefs have been instructed. There has been a widespread complaint that forest department officials do not pick up the phone when MLAs and people’s representatives call. Strict instructions have been given in this regard. Will check this in a week. The minister said that if there is no change in this regard, he will decide what to do.

About 15 pellets were found in the body of the wild boar ‘Dhoni’ (Palakkad Tusker-7) who was caught by drug shooting the other day. The pellets were found during the body inspection conducted by the forest department. It is suspected that the pellets may have been fired from local guns to chase away the elephants coming down in the permanent settlement area. It is also estimated that the pellets stuck in the body may have caused the elephant to become more aggressive. In this situation, the forest minister has advised not to provoke the wild animals.




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