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Dileep is still part of my next movie, Nadirsha

Turning down reports of a possible rift between him and long time friend Dileep, actor – director Nadirsha commented that the actor was still part of his upcoming film ‘Keshu: Ee Veedinte Nathan’. Though he maintained that Dileep was no longer part of the star cast of the movie, Nadirsha however went onto add that the actor would still be associating with the movie. Nadirsha said that it will be Dileep, who is going to produce the movie.

When met with questions regarding Dileep backing off from the project, Nadirsha said that, the decision came on the wake of Dileep’s recent movie ‘Kammara Sambhavam’. Stating that Dileep was supposed to enact the role of a ninety year old man in his movie, Nadirsha however thought, it would invite unnecessary comparisons with that of ‘Kammara Sambhavam’. Written by Sajiv Pazhoor, ‘Keshu: Ee Veedinte Nathan’ will see another prominent actor essaying the central role. That said, Nadirsha was reluctant sharing the name of the hero.

Prashant P Patil
Prashant P Patil
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