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Cyber attack during Covid 19; Kerala tops the nation chart

As the entire nation was forced to go lockdown, the cyber attack graph of India has risen to new levels, reported by PTI on the findings of K7 Computing, a leading IT security company and anti-virus maker. According to a report by K7 Computing, cybercrime is taking advantage of coronavirus outbreaks and concerns. Kerala has reported the highest number of cyber-attacks in India. From February 2020 to mid April, there were nearly 2,000 cyber attacks in Kerala alone. The highest number is from Kottayam (462), followed by Kannur (374), Kollam (236) and Kochi (147). Punjab and Tamil Nadu have reported the highest number of cyber attacks after Kerala.

These attacks include crimes such as leaking classified information from computers and mobile phones, stealing banking information and hacking cryptocurrency accounts. Cyber ​​attacks are taking place in the form of various apps, which are taking advantage of the pandemic. The viruses are classified as links to the World Health Organization, the Covid Defense Center and the US Treasury Department. This allows fraudsters to steal information from computers and mobile phones. According to the report, people from smaller cities are more vulnerable to these attacks, than metro cities. The number of cyber attacks in Ghaziabad and Lucknow are as many as six times which Bengaluru reports. The reports further added that even people possessing high educational qualifications are vulnerable to cyber attacks and scams.

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