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CBSE released revised syllabus for 2020 – 21 academic year; drops chapters on secularism and federalism

As was announced by the Human Resource Development Ministry, the CBSE has released a revised syllabus for classes 9 to 12 for the academic year 2020 – 21. In due process, the board has dropped some important chapters, including those on secularism, citizenship, nationalism, demonetization and democratic rights. The updated syllabus for Class 10 has dropped democracy and diversity, gender, religion and caste, popular struggles and movement and challenges to democracy. On the other hand, class 11, has lost chapters on federalism, citizenship, nationalism, secularism and growth of local governments in India.

The students in class 12, would not be required to study the chapters that deal with India’ relationship with its geographic neighbors. Similar chapters that were ousted by the board, are the changing nature of India’s economic development, social movements in India and most importantly, demonetization. Going in line with the words of the HRD officials, they have taken the decision to drop some chapters, at the same time retaining the core concepts. Since the mid of March, the educational institutions across the nation has been closed down, and are not in a position to reopen, as the country is yet to find an exit strategy from Covid.

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