Best Whatsapp Status 2019

The list of best whatsapp status of the year 2019. If you are a whatsapp user you will know about the whatsapp status feature available in Whatsapp. You can use images, videos, music or texts as your whatsapp status to express your emotions with your friends, family, lover, wife. In this post you will get the best whatsapp status quotes, text & images for the year 2019.

Best Whatsapp Status Messages & Quotes 2019:

1.”Be Happy In Front of People Who Don’t Like You – It Kills Them”

2.”I Know I’m Awesome, So I Don’t Care About Your Opinion”

3.”You Still Make Me Smile Even If You Are The Reason Why I’m Sad”

4.”Can I Borrow A Kiss ? I Promise I Will Give It Back”

5.”I Am Me And I Wont Change For Anyone”

6.”Time Changes Everyone”

7.”Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

8.”An Eye With Dust And A Heart With Trust Always Cries”

9.”I Am Not Lazy But I Am On My Energy Saving Mode”

10.”Life Is Too Short. Dont Waste It By Reading My Whatsapp Status”

11.”Dont Judge Me By My Past. I Dont Live There Anymore”

12.”Before You Judge Me Make Sure That You Are Perfect”

13.”You Just Can’t Please Everybody”

14.”Dont Be The Girl Who Needs A Man. Be The Girl A Man Needs”

15.”Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Learn”

These are list of the best whatsapp status for 2019. You can use the this as your whatsapp DP as well.

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