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Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress in 2019

The list of best Google analytics plugins for your wordpress blog can be found below. Ever since Google Analytics was introduced it has been used by more than 50% of all the websites in internet world right now. Well, in an attempt of choosing the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress, here goes the list of best WordPress Google analytics plugins of the year 2019.

Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins 2019:

1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) Plugin 2019:

Arguably the best Analytics plugin for WordPress, Google Analytics Dashboard is capable of tracking site traffic. Well, you can see that Google Analytics Dashboard comes with a number of advanced features, in comparison with that of other paid plugins.

Features: Real time visitors, sessions, page views, bounce rate, organic search, track downloads – emails – outbound links, reports about traffic channels – social networks, compatible with multisite network installs

Type: Free


2. Google Analytics by Monster Insights Plugin 2019:

A really popular one out in the middle, Google Analytics plugin from MonsterInsights, is the renewed version of Yoast Analytics Plugin. Essentially easy and up to date with latest features, Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is quite user friendly.

Features: Uses one of the fastest and reliable tracking codes, gives simple traffic graph, tracking outbound link and downloading, tracking search result pages and 404 pages, E commerce add ons

Type: Free (Premium Version Available)


3. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin By Analytify 2019:

This plugin is an attractive pick, because of its friendliness in terms of suitability with E Commerce websites. Google Analytics Dashboard by Analytify also lets you know the statistics from pages and posts directly.

Features: Google Analytics Statistics under single post – page, details about session – users – bounce rate etc, beautiful UI design, showing system status of user, real time statistics and campaign statistics – under premium support.

Type: Free (Premium Version Available)


4. Google Analyticator Plugin 2019:

Essentially free, Google Analyticator is quite user friendly. It has got the graph of visitors of last 30 days, and also provides the summary of site usage, searches etc.

Features: Availability of shortcode, tracking total pageviews, specify user roles from dashboard widget, hiding Google UID dropdown, translation

Type: Free


5. WP Statistics Plugin 2019:

What makes WP Statistics a standout one in the list is that, it doesn’t depend on external services. That said, you don’t see a link between this plugin and Google Analytics. Once you activate the plugin, it will start giving you the site traffic details.

Features: Tracking online users – visitors – page statistics, GeoIP location by country as well as interactive map of visitor locations, search queries and redirects search engines, availability of shortcodes

Type: Free


6. Google Analytics WD Plugin 2019:

Now, this one really lets you tracking the websites and details of WordPress dashboard. It also allows you in selecting a date range and checking the traffic within the time-frame. Both available in free and premium versions, Google Analytics WD comes with a number of features

Features: Tracking audience and real time visitor data, comparison by Metrics and Date Range, option to exclude Google Analytics tracking of specific users, integrating AdSense and AdWords

Plugin Type: Free (Premium Version Available)


This is the list of best Analytics Plugins for WordPress in 2019. Surely, you will come across some exciting names like WP Power Stats and the list can go as large as it seems.


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