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Balabhaskar passed away

Though the whole of music fraternity was praying for the recovery of gifted violinist Balabhaskar, he has relinquished from the worldly affairs. Aged 40, it was early in today morning, when doctors at Ananthapuri hospital, Trivandrum, confirmed the death of Balabhaskar. Albeit he was recovering to normal state, his body became unable to cope with the heartbreak early today. Earlier, it was on September 25th, when Balabhaskar, wife Lakshmi and daughter Tejaswini Bala were admitted to the hospital along with their car driver, following a road mishap, happened near Pallippuram, Trivandrum.

While two year old Tejaswini Bala didn’t survive the accident, doctors were optimistic over the condition of the rest. Lakshmi and driver Arjun are yet to cross the serious condition. Known since the college days, it was in the year 2000, when Balabhaskar and Lakshmi married. Ending their long wait of sixteen years, it was in 2016, when the couple of Balabhaskar and Lakshmi, was blessed with a baby girl. Saddened by his untimely depart, the entire public is mourning over the loss of a gifted musician, who had made his presence felt in big time at such a young age.

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