Baby Meenakshi Actress Shares Photos of Her Terrace Farming methods during Lock down

Meenakshi Anoop is Meenuti to the Malayalam television audience. Due to Covid’s age, Meenakshi was staying at her home in Padua in Kottayam district to avoid the busy schedule of cinema and other activities. His father Anoop’s vegetable cultivation is his main concern as there is no rush. Anoop has a large vegetable garden on the terrace and courtyard of the house.

Ginger, kowal, tomato, kumbola, many bamboo sprouts, evergreen, spinach, salad cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, brinjal, sardines, pawel, mint, beef, jaggery, varieties of spinach are also cultivated here for years. Cabbage, cauliflower and beet root were also cultivated during the season. The main fertilizer is dung from the floor. Grubbag is served to vegetables grown in dung or slurry. Anoop said he used to buy organic manures occasionally.

All kinds of vegetables are grown in a confined space on the terrace. So there is no need to buy from the market. These can be ruined if the terrace is not given proper care and care. Therefore, daily care is not hindered. Since it is the Lockdown, it is the children who care and harvest the vegetables.

Anoop said that many vegetables were collected from the shooting locations. Therefore, this small kitchen garden features unique vegetables from every country.

Apart from vegetables, it is also home to duck, poultry, guinea pig, wattah, doves and ornamental fish.

Another specialty of this place is the conservation of energy. The daytime electricity comes from solar power. Solar water heater for hot water has been ranked among the vegetables.

Though vegetable cultivation was started on the terrace as an entertainment, Anoop says that in the future, cultivation is needed. If you can produce vegetables for yourself, there is no such thing as happiness and health.

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