Attempt by youths to insult Pattappakal actress in Kochi;  Leading Actress's post goes viral

Attempt by youths to insult actress in a Mall at Kochi; Leading Actress’s post goes viral

Co.Attempt by youths to insult actress in Chiyil Pattappakal. The young actress, who is shining in Malayalam cinema, was the victim. The actress had a bad experience when she arrived at Lulu Hypermarket in Kochi with her mother and siblings. The actress reveals the revelations in an Instagram post.

The actress reveals that while walking through the crowd, two young men approached me and touched my back badly. It was a moment when I could not respond to anything.

The actress says that my sister clearly saw this obscenity and she ran to my side and comforted me.

For a moment I stood idly by and in that act, I walked over to their side but they responded with a sigh of ignorance.

Enduring their work, I moved with my mother, brother and sister to the vegetable stall, but they followed us there too. Mom and brother were busy choosing vegetables. The youth followed us
When I realized that it was coming, my sister and I went to the billing counter. But even there, they came and repeated the obscene conversation, says the actress.

After reaching out to us, these young men also tried to get acquainted with the film in which I acted. By the time their mother arrived, they were retreating from here. The actress notes.