Anandam fame Anarkali Marikkar is open to glamour roles

Anarkali Marikkar made a decent debut with ‘Anandam’. The movie, which became a launching pad for a number of debutants, has opened up a vista of opportunities for the youngsters. Anarkali, though was noted for her performance, wasn’t seen becoming part of many movies. Having acted in ‘Vimanam’ and ‘Amala’, Anarkali is now eagerly waiting for Asif Ali starrer ‘Mandaram’. Having spoken about her interests in Malayalam film world, the young actress maintained that she was looking for meaty roles, and was open to glamorous roles as well.

That said, the actress further added that bold sequences in movies, were not a criteria for her to reject particular projects; Anarkali Marikkar, however was unsure about her parents’ take on such sequences. Well, this bold and beautiful actress has no qualms in handling problematic people in bold ways. She was of the opinion that everyone should create a personal space around them, into which no one could enter, unless invited.

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