AMMA Meeting: Actresses are welcome

AMMA executive meeting, which held today, has generated significant amount of interest amongst the public. Superstar Mohanlal, while reacting to the queries of media, commented that, the meeting was mainly about the AMMA star night, which is to take place in Dubai, by the first week of December. He went onto add that the meeting didn’t discuss matters pertaining to retaking actresses, who have boycotted their AMMA membership.

He was of the opinion that, actresses were free to come back to AMMA, upon their interest; the star maintained that actresses were not required to say sorry for their act. Earlier, it was the decision of revoking actor Dileep, which prompted the actresses to surrender their AMMA memberships. Meanwhile, AMMA vice president Ganesh Kumar informed the media that the organization had received the High court notice issued for WCC. He said that further proceedings would be handled legally.

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