AMMA convened press meet

Finally, AMMA has come up with a press meet, explaining all that they had done in the Dileep issue. During the press meet, which was headed by its president – Mohanlal – saw AMMA turning down the organization WCC. During the press meet, Mohanlal maintained that he had asked Dileep to submit a resignation letter from AMMA. Stating that all the actresses, who quitted from AMMA, could come back any time, provided that they complete the official procedures, though they don’t need to confess their mistakes. During the meeting, Mohanlal also shunned all such accusations raised against the organization by WCC. He was of the opinion that AMMA was an organization, which functions in a democratic way.

Speaking on the occasion, actors Siddique and Jagadeesh jointly declared that there exists no problem between them. Both of them were of the opinion that they would sort out all the issues between them without the presence of external people. However, Siddique was highly critical about WCC and its motive. He accused WCC of having a vested interest in creating problems inside AMMA.

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