Ameer Khan's daughter reveals her ordeal at the age of 14

Ameer Khan’s daughter reveals her ordeal at the age of 14

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is now a star on social media. A few days back, Taraputri herself had said directly that she was addicted to V. Shada. But the player faced a huge cyber attack. The constant refrain continued that Ira Khan was saying all this just to get publicity. This was a hot topic in Kerala as well. But as usual, the Malayalee despised it too.

For Malayalees, Vishadarogam is Manasi Karogam. Mental illness is a joke for a Malayalee. It is proving to us that such issues can never be understood by a Malayalee. We take very lightly all the issues that need in-depth discussion. A similar issue is now under controversy. It was Ira Khan who started the new discussion.

Taraputri spoke openly about the misfortune she faced at the age of fourteen. But as usual we laughed at this too. Here we have repeated the refrain that it is meant to get publicity. Some people even started abusing the star. An enlightened Malayalee commented, “I learned my job at the age of fourteen.”

Many such comments are coming to the bottom of the news. It is also unfortunate that this comment was made by a person who has retired from the Department of Education. It is unfortunate that highly educated Malayalees make such comments. We do not think that she was able to speak openly just because she was a star girl and that many girls are still afraid of revealing such issues. At least this is the year 2020. We need to think about it someday.

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