Alina Padikkal Married to Rohith; watch photos and video

Audiences’ favorite stars Alina  Padikkal and Rohit Nair got married. The simple ceremony was attended by close relatives and friends. The marriage took place in Rohit’s hometown of Kozhikode. With the release of the wedding picture, many celebrities have come to congratulate them. Marriage was held according to the Covid norms. The actor had earlier said that she wanted to invite everyone and make it very celebratory but now it is not possible due to the pandemic situation.

Alina arrived at the wedding hall wearing a silk sari and temple set ornaments. The pictures of the star’s mehndi celebration were released last day. The purple lehenga was the mehndi dress of the actress. Their engagement took place in Thiruvananthapuram earlier this year.

They got married after a long wait. Alina started getting noticed after coming to Bigg Boss. It was here that the actress revealed her love affair and later announced that she was waiting for the consent of her family and would get married as soon as they agreed. Shortly after her release, the actress announced that she and Rohit were going to be together. Their engagement was solemnized. The engagement took place in Thiruvananthapuram. Its pictures and videos were all rippling on social media.

Alina is a talented actress who has excelled in multiple fields as a presenter and actress. The actress became the audience’s favorite actress through the serial ‘Bharya’. The actor’s performance in this was noticed. Although he arrived in the guise of a villain. The actor had a great performance.