Ajith is all in praise for Rajiv Menon


Cinematographer turned Rajiv Menon was showered in praises by Thala Ajith. It was while speaking during a protest program organized by Nadigar Sangam, which the top Tamil actor opened up about his bond with Rajeev Menon. Ajith, while speaking about Rajiv Menon, maintained that it was the timely intervention of Rajiv Menon, which saved his movie Vaali.

Addressing Rajiv Menon as Chief, Ajith added that during the days of Vaali, it was the amount given by the former, which rescued the team of Vaali to release the project. Later, when Vaali turned out to become a blockbuster, they had repaid Rajiv Menon. Vaali was also incidental in defining the career of Ajith, who was catapulted to superstardom by the movie.


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