Aishwarya Suresh in a shocking makeover again

Aishwarya Suresh in a shocking makeover again

Aishwarya Suresh is one of the most beloved actresses in Kerala. The actor is noticed in the movie Kali. Although not very active in film later, the actor is very active on social media. Aishwarya is also an amazing actress who has done occasional photoshoots. Now the latest pictures shared by the star have become a new topic of discussion on social media.

The actress appears in the films as very glamorous. The film has received rave reviews. Lots of people leave great comments below pictures. Everyone agrees that the actress has become extremely beautiful. Anyway the pictures have all gone viral in a big way now. It has to be said that the pictures were taken on social media with both hands outstretched.

The actress appears topless in the films. That is why criticism is coming from one side. But I’m sure the player doesn’t care. This is not the first time that Malayalees are criticizing the star. Even before this, when the actress conducted a glamorous photoshoot, the Malayalees had come up with criticism. But it seems that the actor’s decision is that he does not care about the criticisms of the Malayalees.

The movie garnered thousands of likes in an instant. Hundreds of comments are coming down to the pictures. In all the comments, people have the same thing to say – that the actress has become extremely beautiful. A large section of people are asking why they are not more active in movies. But the actor has not yet responded to this.

The actor also became famous in the movie Kali. But later the actor did not appear in any of the Malayalam movies. I do not know why the actor did not give more importance to the film. Of course, there is a large group of people who want to see the star in the movie again. The actor is expected to return to the film industry soon.