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After 33 years, 10B students meet leads the way; Irrespective of caste and horoscope, Rajesh and Shinei became one, the marriage was preceded by classmates

Kannur: A beautiful story of an alumni reunion leading to the marriage of two classmates is now going viral on social media. Rajesh and Shiney from Kannur, who met after thirty-three years, got together in life. Chala Higher Secondary School where they studied became the wedding venue of both of them.

Chala Govt. 1990 SSLC of Higher Secondary School. When Bach’s group ‘Kannadi’ met for the first time on June 25, 2023, the classmates learned that the two remained unmarried at the age of forty-eight.

Shiny got many marriage proposals. Rajesh also conducted several investigations. Nothing worked. Shiney is the son of Late PK Balan and VV Narayani of Thotata Ammuparamp PK House and late Rajesh Koi is the daughter of Late Kumaran and Omana of Puthyedath House.

During the event, Rajesh and Shiney’s wedding was discussed. Questions arose as to why the two could not be together. Rajesh privately asked Shiney before breaking up the show; ‘Do you like me..?’ Shiny didn’t reply except to laugh.

That laughter later led to marriage. So, regardless of caste and horoscope, Rajesh and Shiney became one on Saturday, December 2.

Chala Govt. Rajesh danced around Shiney’s neck on the stage set up in the Higher Secondary School Auditorium.

All the friends were present. All the classmates came to the wedding in the same dress. Around 1,500 people including teachers, locals and friends attended the wedding. All were given refreshments.

In 7th and 10th, Rajesh and Shiney were in the same class. In 1990, after passing the 10th standard, both of them did not see each other even once in 33 years. ITC Passed out Rajesh is a vehicle mechanic at TVS in Thottada. Shiney is a tailor in Peralassery who has passed pre-degree and typewriting.

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