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Actresses who do glamor roles read this, do you know why Manju Warrier does not do glamor roles? – Malayalees clapped after hearing the decision of the actress

Manju Warrier is an actress who has become a favorite of the Malayalee audience through many good films. Manju Warrier still has an active presence in Malayalam cinema with many fans all over Kerala. All the events and interviews attended by the actor were received by the audience with great acceptance. Perhaps there is no other actress who has received so much acclaim in the field of Malayalam cinema. Manju Warrier is known as the Lady Superstar of Malayalam.

Manju Warrier has been a favorite of the Malayalee audience since her debut. Her marriage to Dileep was at the height of her fame. He returned to cinema five years ago after a short hiatus from acting. Marital problems with Dileep also affected Manju’s career. Manju Warrier, who is currently working on several new roles, is also a hot topic on social media.

The actress’ answer to a question asked by a fan is now getting a lot of attention and she is ready to act in glamorous roles. Movies like Kanmadam, for example Sujatha. Aaradhika’s question was how this acting became so passionate. Manju answered the question in a very interesting way because she did not like glamorous outfits. That is never the criterion for choosing a film. But that is a fact. The actress says that she does not like roles that are terribly glamorous.

The actor, who is very active on social media, shares his latest news with his fans every day. The actor is getting huge acceptance on social media. All the pictures and posts shared by the star go viral by the minute. Manju owns several active fan groups in the cyber world.

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