Actress Case; The High Court rejected the demand, saying the trial court would not change

The High Court has said that the trial court will not change the actress abduction case. The high court rejected the demand of the actress and the government to change the court. The court also rejected the government’s request to stay the proceedings until submitting an appeal.

The actress and the government, who were attacked, had strongly criticized the trial court proceedings in the high court. Criticism of the trial court was raised when the government explained its position on the actress’s plea to change the trial court. If the trial court does not change, the trial will come to a standstill. The government told the court that the trial court and the prosecution could not reconcile in any way and adjourned the case to today.

The government and the plaintiff have made a serious allegation in the court that the attitude of the trial court was to assist the accused from the very beginning of the trial. Even as a woman judge, she could not understand the plight of the victimized actress. During the cross-examination, questions were raised that would insult the actress, but there was no intervention to stop it. When the prosecution pointed this out, it did not agree.

The victim told the court that she had to cry several times in court. He has lost faith in the trial court. In this case, the trial court must change. At the same time, the trial of a case does not have to be given by a woman judge. The government also informed the court that it would be sufficient to refer it to another equivalent court.