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Actor Jayasurya’s Snehakoodu project for Homeless people

Actor Jayasurya has come up with a plan to provide housing to needy families. Jayasuriya has decided to build five houses every year as part of a project called ‘Snehakudu’. The first house built as part of the project has already been completed and handed over to the deserving family. The construction of the house took thirty days to complete. The project is being implemented in collaboration with Nura Panel, a Kochi-based company that has spearheaded efforts to provide affordable housing to those who lost their homes during the floods. The houses are made of lightweight concrete panels.

At present, houses are being built for those who own land. And those who do not benefit from the Government’s Life Mission Plan. The 500-square-foot home will have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom. Its construction cost will be around Rs 6 lakhs. Construction of the next house under the scheme will begin soon.

The first house was given to a family in Ramamangalam. The members of the family are the widow and her disabled son. The dream of owning a home was a long way off for them as they could not even afford the daily expenses. Jayasurya built a house for them on the land given to them by Choice Group MD Jose Thomas. Actor Ronnie performed the key handover ceremony for Jayasurya.

I met Subin Thomas, the director of the Neura Panel Company, a few days ago when I came to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of a house built as part of the Hibi Eden MP’s shade house project. He was thinking about the housing project while talking about the work done by the company during the floods. That is how love begins. The main attraction is that the house can be built in a very short time. I hope to provide more homes as part of the project. We hope to find deserving people and build five houses every year, ”Jayasuriya said.

Prashant P Patil
Prashant P Patil
Senior Journalist
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