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9 month old little artist Agnika painted 62 paintings in three months, 55 of which are for exhibition

Nine-month-old Agnika Ranju, sitting in her father’s arms, would hold a brush and draw a picture on the canvas. Agnika’s is the only brush stroke. Parents will do the rest. Father Ranju gave his daughter colors as playthings in the sixth month of her birth. Agnika started drawing fire with them.

Working as a visual development director in the field of foreign film, game and animation, Muzkunkun Vattapoil Sarovaram M.V. Agnika is the daughter of Ranju and Anagha. The brush and paint were given for the recent commencement of education. After that, Agnika placed the painted picture in the living room of the house.

Every day the child was happy to see the painting. Seeing the child’s happiness, he drew three more pictures. Later Agnika painted 15 pictures. When two art galleries were approached to hold an exhibition of the child’s paintings, the expected cooperation was not forthcoming. With the cooperation of Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery authorities, the film will be exhibited at the gallery in Thalassery.

Agnika painted 62 paintings in three months. An exhibition of 55 of them will be held at the Lalitha Kala Academy Thalassery Art Gallery under the name ‘Varna Kushimi’. K. on Friday 11 Painters Pradeep Chokli and A. will inaugurate the Tejas exhibition. Satyanath also said. The exhibition is on till Tuesday.

Agnika was given watercolors to paint because of her passion for watercolors and the view that it is good for children. Ranju, a post graduate in painting, said that it is not seen as art but only as a child’s mischief.

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