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456 deaths in just one day; Japan’s covid death rate is at an all-time high

In countries like China, Japan and America, the cases of Covid are increasing. Now, reports say that the death rate of Covid in Japan has reached an all-time high. 456 Covid deaths were reported in Japan on Friday alone.

Thousands of people have died in Japan due to covid in one month. Earlier there were concerns that the number of Covid cases and deaths would increase after the New Year celebrations.

In the month of December 2022, 7,688 Covid deaths were reported in Japan. This surpassed the previous peak of 7,329 in August due to the previous wave of Covid-19. There are also reports that the covid death rate has been on the rise since November. According to statistics, the number of Covid-19 deaths in Japan in the last three months is sixteen times higher than in the previous year.
From August 31 to December 27, 40.8 percent of people in their eighties died. The figures also show that 34.7 percent of those in their nineties and 17 percent of those in their seventies died. It is also reported that 92.4 percent of the deaths are among these three age groups.

Drooni Anil
Drooni Anil
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