40,000 clips, two years of editing: the Jallikattu documentary is coming

Jallikattu, the award-winning Oscar entry in India is set to make its debut as a making documentary series. This is the first time in India that the story behind such a film has been released in documentary form. The documentary is being directed by Vivian Radhakrishnan.

Vivian claims that the video series will change people’s perception of how to see a documentary. He often became eloquent as he walked through the Jallikattu set like a shadow and talked about the scenes he filmed. ‘I believe the documentary will have a new level after this. It has been edited for two years. There are 40,000 clips. The documentary is not about a star. Vivian says that the video reveals the work and suffering of everyone on a set.

The first thing I asked for was the opportunity to work with Jallikattu. But by then every position was filled. Then he suddenly asked if I could do this documentary. When I heard that, I was happy. Lijochettan intended to tell the story of a man becoming an animal through cinema. Everyone behind the movie worked as hard as animals. ‘

Agreeing to do a documentary on a movie is a big deal though. Because if someone else captures the work he is doing on camera, that director’s entire privacy will be lost. I would not have agreed to shoot a documentary about my film. But Lijo Chettan’s view was not like that. Occasionally I would ask if privacy was going away. He will answer if you have done your job. He was not involved in any of the editings, “said Vivian.

The video is planned to be released in eight episodes. Cinematography and direction by Vivian and editing by Kirannath Kailas. Kirannath has worked as Lijo’s assistant in ‘Jallikattu’ and ‘Churuli’. Many unknown secrets are going to be unraveled through the documentary, including the molding of the buffalo.